dDotDNA ITALIA S.r.l. sponsors GAPscape – State of Art – Italia

//dDotDNA ITALIA S.r.l. sponsors GAPscape – State of Art – Italia

dDotDNA ITALIA S.r.l. sponsors GAPscape – State of Art – Italia

dDotDNA ITALIA S.r.l. is proud to sponsor this week’s “GAPscape – State of Art – Italia” exhibition featuring the works of artist Minya Mikic.

In 2013, Minya came up with the artistic project “GAPscape State of Art Italia”, joining her artistic research and the technique developed while painting abstract art on Plexiglas with her affection for Italy. The central idea behind the project is to represent Italy, her country of adoption, through its most meaningful faces and stunning locations, thus picturing this very moment in history. The realization of this project has been made possible thanks to the support and cultural sponsorship of Achille Bonito Oliva, a pre-eminent contemporary art critic in Italy.

Throughout the ages, Italian history has often been illustrated through the portraits of its prominent individuals realized using techniques that were highly innovative for their times. During the Renaissance, for example, the discovery of perspective revolutionized the way portraits were made.

Portraits created for the exhibition “GAPscape – State of Art – Italia” offer a modern version of this narration and Minya, with her absolutely personal and original technique, presents us with the possibility to observe present-day Italy through its protagonists and its landscapes recounted with a contemporary discourse.

minya1The project’s first exhibition inaugurated June 2 2015 in New York as a means to celebrate the Italian National Day. The current edition will be the first to be held in Italy. The 37 Italian excellences depicted have all been personally involved during realization of the portraits. Many also dedicated a personal thought or quote, a further contribution to the task of representing the moment we live in.

Minya Mikic is an international artist born in Novi Sad, ex-Yugoslavia, from a family of artists. She has also been a national gymnastic champion, and has brought her vocation for art and sports into project “GAPscape – State of Art Italia”, presented on this occasion with the committee for Rome’s candidacy to host the 2024 Olympic Games.

As a leader in authentication and anti-counterfeit technology the DataDot group is proud to sponsor this exhibition and is sure that those lucky enough to see it will be enthralled by Minya’s talent.

All masterpieces + certificates in the exhibition are protected with DataDotDNA microdots with graphic customization of Minya’s signature tag as a unique authentication solution. This solution was called “d’Art Dot” and is a registered trade mark of DataDot Technology.

Friday 13. May 2016, at 18:30
Palazzo delle Esposizioni,
via Nazionale 194, Rome

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