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DataDot Technology Limited Provides Peace of Mind for 1 million FIAT Drivers

After more than 7 successful years of collaboration, dDotDNA ITALIA S.r.l., partner and distributor of DataDot Technology Limited and Federperiti Servizi Innovativi S.r.l., have just supplied the 1 millionth car security kit for the application to new FCA vehicles sold in Italy. This milestone means that 1 million Italian FCA drivers have now experienced the [...]

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How Counterfeiting Can Destroy Your Brand & Business

Counterfeiting is trillion dollar problem and a threat for any business or brand The counterfeiting life-cycle can quickly destroy sales volumes The best protection strategies also increase consumer trust and deliver positive benefits like increased sales and brand equity The Rise of Counterfeiting Today counterfeiting is a major global industry, a trillion dollar problem [...]

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Toll of counterfeiting and piracy predicted to top $2.3 trillion as call made for governments to do more

New research estimates that the global economic value of counterfeiting and piracy could reach $2.3 trillion by 2022, with job losses totalling in excess of 5 million. The research provides important data to policymakers. The challenge now is to ensure that they pay heed to it. The report, The Economic Impacts of Counterfeiting and Piracy, [...]

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Counterfeiting to grow by 3% a year

By Rick Pendrous, 10-Jan-2017 Counterfeiting across the world is predicted to increase by 3% a year as globalisation creates increasingly complex and lengthy supply chains, according to new research from PMMI, the US Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies. http://www.foodmanufacture.co.uk/Supply-Chain/Counterfeiting-to-grow-by-3-a-year

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Food security app protects premium Aussie foods in Asia

SOPHISTICATED anti-counterfeit and traceability technology is helping to protect the integrity of premium Australian foods in Asia. Beston Global Food Company, based in Adelaide, South Australia, has developed a two-part platform to protect its products from counterfeiters and is making it available to other Australian exporters. The first part of platform is an anti-counterfeit aspect, [...]

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Europol busts migrant document forgery ring

A total of 19 people have been arrested in a document forgery operation linked to migrant smuggling in Europe. The arrests - 19 in Greece and three in the Czech Republic - stem from a Europol operation against organised crime groups involved in "the massive production and distribution of falsified or forged documents." The documents [...]

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dDotDNA ITALIA S.r.l. sponsors GAPscape – State of Art – Italia

dDotDNA ITALIA S.r.l. is proud to sponsor this week’s “GAPscape - State of Art – Italia” exhibition featuring the works of artist Minya Mikic. In 2013, Minya came up with the artistic project “GAPscape State of Art Italia”, joining her artistic research and the technique developed while painting abstract art on Plexiglas with her affection [...]

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Trade in counterfeit goods worsens: OECD

Counterfeited and pirated goods accounted for up to 2.5 per cent of world trade, or as much as $US461 billion ($A603 billion), significantly damaging companies and state coffers, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) says. The trade in fake products such as Louis Vuitton bags or Nike shoes has also worsened in the [...]

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dDotDNA ITALIA S.r.l. wins expanded contract with FCA Bank

• The Company’s European distributor, dDOTDNA Italia together with Federperiti Servizi Innovativi has won an expanded contract with FCA Bank • Revenue from dDOTDNA Italia expected to more than double over time DataDot Technology Limited (the Company) is pleased to announce that its distributor, dDotDNA ITALIA S.r.l (dDotDNA ITALIA) together with Federperiti Servizi Innovativi S.r.l. [...]

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Corporate Overview – January 2016

Download the  Corporate Overview - January 2016.

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